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Our Mission

The Shiny Futures team strives to provide teens with resources to suppport a shiny and bright future. Our active and upcoming initiatives are meant to teach about and allow teens to grow in the areas of mental health, academic achievement, and financial literacy.


We have a total of 3 initiatives which consist of a Mental Health Initiative, Academic Achievement Initiative, and Financial Literacy Initiative.

Our Mental Health Initiative is called Grow A Friend. Our goal with Grow A Friend is to encourage everyone to grow their own little friend at home. We feel that caring for plants instills a sense of joy, patience, responsibility, purpose, and reverence for all aspects of life. There are various psychological benefits to growing plants, especially in regards to mental health.

Our Academic Achievement Initiative is called School Trails. Our goal with School Trails is to provide a database of internships, scholarships, and other academic opportunities for students to gain knowledge and real-world experience outside of the classroom. By attaining these opportunities, students can set themselves up to succeed through high school, college, and beyond.

Our Financial Literacy Initiative is currently unnamed. Our goal with our Financial Literacy Initiative is to provide a series of articles and providing information on personal financial literacy topics such as investing for retirement, credit score and credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and much more.

Meet the Team

Juan Pablo Urista - Austin, TX
Executive Director & Founder

I'm a high school senior who enjoys hiking and photography. I would love to study Biomedical Computation or Computer Science in college.

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Cecilia Bodon - Orlando, FL
Director of Public Relations

I'm a high school junior who enjoys diving and silks. I would love to study Industrial Engineering in college.

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Sindhu Vasudevan - Austin, TX
Director of Development

I'm a high school senior who enjoys singing and dancing. I would love to study Public Health in college.

Alexi Olney - Austin, TX
Director of Operations

I'm a high school senior who enjoys debate and painting. I would love to study Environmental Engineering and Astronomy in college.



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